Italian Experience

I' Tartufo Briaho (The Drunk Truffle)

I'Tartufo Briaho

Our restaurant is aimed at always giving the best to its customers, with its cuisine and its chef, our desire is offering you unique authentic sensations, a familiar atmosphere with a typically Italian feeling, with unique flavors, tastes, aromas and visions, where human warmth is perceived, where combined with unique, delicious dishes, delicacies of excellence: a perfect combination is born, where spending pricey moments of your life.

Our aim is not to serve dishes for duty, but for the pleasure to satisfy our customers, highlighting unique products , with a high quality raw material selection, chosen and served as base of special dishes , which bring out all the aroma and taste for a unique, genuine and authentic pleasure.

Our food is of a high standard and competitive prices; We want to make our customers discover particular tastes, highlight dishes with a typically Italian flavor, but highlighting the raw material such as truffles, cold cuts, cheeses and much more, combined with nexcellent wines personally choosen.

The Truffle is a very valuable product as much as it is versatile, because we can create dishes that are truly suitable for everybody: Celiacs, Vegans, Vegetarians without any difficulty, our cuisine is able to really satisfy everyone.


'Love that loved nothing, amar forgives took me from this love so strong that Tartufo and

Vin still does not abandon me. ' (Art is not water)


I 'Tartufo Briaho & The Riddle wine bar:

We wanted to combine these two names, to give our most daring and talented customers a unique place, where tasting wines, learning more about secret and hidden aromas, even with good food and maybe why not, at the same time trying to solve some game puzzles at your table, perhaps at lunch break, or after work, before going back home, to loosen up a bit of tension accumulated during the day; In short, every opportunity is good to stop at 'The Riddle '


'With the satisfaction of having tried, not having resigned, there will never be renunciation and compliance,

but only the daring will be able to solve The Riddle '.

The Riddle wine bar is also Cafeteria:

We also offer special breakfast in the morning with fine desserts, exclusively homemade or as they say, grandma's desserts, with healthy ingredients but full of goodness, matched with an excellent Italian coffee, cappuccino, tea or juice. Breakfasts are served at the table; The liqueurs are served at the table and only after a meal; Our bar serves breakfast every morning from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 11.00 (with promotion) what are you waiting for, while sweets  are sold out.


'A good Breakfast, the more you send it down, the more it teases you up ... if it's not

good, what pleasure is it? '

Italian Experience:


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Cheltenham GL50 1SX

Great Britain - UK

Tel. +44 7562419102


Email: drunktruffle@extratasty.co.uk


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