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In our Shop we sell Wines, Truffles, Cold cuts, Cheeses, etc. But it’s not just a simple retail, it’s more of a buitique, that always gives its customers the best.


We stand out from others by offering a few products, but of the highest quality; We want to give you who enter our store, the best you can get, directly from the master craftsmen, the artists of gastonomy (to be careful that the best  it does not always come from known big brands, but rather from these "little ones", but real masters, artists of excellence), who for generations have handed down their art and maintained until nowadays (even if unfortunately they have remained a few), These products have been processed with feeling and heart, as it happen in the true Italian gastronomy; Products imported especially for you from Italy. 


Always with very competitive prices, taking into account that we offer what is rarer and perhaps not very well known, as the fresh truffle according to the season and availability, excellent wines, as well as sheep cheese, Sliced Select high quality, a large variety of truffle Creams, as well as truffle butter, special Evo oil with truffle; Pistachio variants etc.



Our activity ranges from Wine, to Food and Truffle, as retail of these exclusively Italian products.



In our Shop, we also make sandwiches accompanied by drinks or a glasse of wine. We also do free tastings of what we sell... because we do not try to please customers, but amazing with our products, which will leave deep emotions in all of you:      try to believe and visit us!



In Italy we say that when a person only works with his hands, he is a Manovale; when he uses his hands and head,

he is said to be a Craftsman; but when he works with his hands, head and heart, only then is he an Artist.

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GL50 1SX Cheltenham

Gran Bretagna - UK


Tel.: 07562419102

Email: shop@extratasty.co.uk



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